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Violin, Viola, & Piano
Private Lesson

Pricing Options

Edith Szendrey violin teacher
violin student

Fall Special!

2023-2024 School Year:

I. Tuition Plan:

(9 months) 


Students sign a contract for a minimum of 30 lessons from August 27, 2023 until May 26, 2024. Recital fees are included in the tuition.


Tuition payments are for 30 lessons paid in advance. They may be paid in 2 installments, the first due on the first lesson, and the 2nd due in January. Another option is to pay cash for each lesson immediately after each lesson. An extra driving fee may be applied for lessons taught at students’ homes:


Students on a tuition plan will get priority for weekly lesson times. 

For students in-person in El Sobrante, or online lessons:  

30 minute weekly lessons-$1350

(two installments of $675 or $45 cash per lesson)

40 minute weekly lessons-$1800

(two installments of $900 or $60 cash per lesson)

45 minute weekly lessons-$2025

(two installments of $1012.50 or $67.50 cash per lesson)

50 minute weekly lessons-$2250

(two installments of $1125 or $75 cash per lesson)

60 minute weekly lessons-$2700

(two installments of $1350 or $90 cash per lesson)


For in-person lessons in Marin & San Francisco:

An additional travel fee per class will be added for all in person lessons in Marin and San Francisco. 



Lessons missed due to teacher sickness, or performance conflict will be made up at a mutually agreeable time. Cancellation or rescheduling lessons requires a minimum of 24 hours notice, with the exception of sudden illness. Please keep sickness at home.


Students who continue lessons through the summer can choose to pay for regular weekly lessons, same per lesson rate as the tuition plan, or one of the other payment options.


II. Other payment options*:


Package of 10 lessons (prepaid):

30 minutes-$550

45 minutes-$825

60 minutes-$1100


Package of 5 lessons (Prepaid):

30 minutes-$290

45 minutes-$435

60 minutes-$575


Individual lessons scheduled occasionally, no weekly time reserved: 

30 minutes-$60 each

45 minutes-$90 each

60 minutes-$120 each

*Cash rates and financial aid may be available upon request

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